You Lose Yourself You Reappear The Many Voices of Bob Dylan

Paul Morley


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An insightful biography of one of the world’s greatest musicians, Bob Dylan, by bestselling author Paul Morley.

As one of the world’s greatest musicians, Bob Dylan has enriched the American song tradition for over 50 years. With a talent that has been proven in the worlds of music, radio, art and poetry, Dylan is a man of many personas. From defying pop music conventions with protest songs such as \”The Times They Are a-Changin’\” to releasing three of the most influential rock albums of the 60s, he has not only extended the parameters of music genres but has also showed us the fluidity his craft. To mark Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday and 60 illustrious years in the arts, this insightful biography by bestselling author Paul Morley will explore the many voices of the folk icon.


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ISBN – 9781471195143
Publisher – Simon & Schuster, Limited
Format – Hardback
Dimensions – 234mm X 153mm
Categories – Music

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