Things I Don’t Want to Know A Response to George Orwell’s 1946 Essay ‘Why I Write’

Deborah Levy


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First instalment of Levy’s essential ‘living autobiography’ trilogy – reissued to match the beautiful COST OF LIVING hardback

Taking George Orwell’s famous essay, ‘Why I Write’, as a jumping-off point, Deborah Levy offers her own indispensable reflections of the writing life. With wit, clarity and calm brilliance, she considers how the writer must stake claim to that contested territory and shape it to her need. It is a work of dazzling insight and deep psychological succour, from one of our most vital contemporary writers.This first volume of the trilogy focuses on the writer as a young woman – the confusion and turbulence of youth, and the uncertainties of carving an identity as a writer. The second volume, The Cost of Living, speaks to the challenges of middle age as a writer and a woman – motherhood, separation, bereavement.


In stock

ISBN – 9780241983089
Publisher – Penguin Books, Limited
Format – Paperback
Dimensions – 196mm X 129mm
Categories – Memoir

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Following the international critical and commercial success of The Cost of Living, this final volume of Levy’s ‘Living Autobiography’ is an exhilarating, thought-provoking and boldly intimate meditation on home and the spectres that haunt it. It resumes and expands Levy’s pioneering examination of a female life lived in the storm of the present tense, asking essential questions about womanhood, modernity, creative identity and personal freedom. From one of the great thinkers and writers of our time, Real Estate is a memoir and a manifesto for radical emancipation – as an artist, as a woman, and as an inheritor of the real estate of the now.