The Midnight Gang

David Walliams
Tony Ross (Illustrator)


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Share the magic of The Midnight Gang with this lovely set of Apple stickers inspired by Number One bestselling author David Walliams’ new book.

Whether you want to say a cheery Tootsie-style ‘Good Morning!’, have enjoyed so many sweets that you’re bursting the buttons of your PJs like poor old George, or the school holidays have turned you into scowling Matron, these stickers say so much more than words!

There are 19 free stickers to choose from, all illustrated by artistic genius Tony Ross:

* Tootsie, the hospital dinner lady

* Tom sitting in armchair

* Tom in a pink frilly nightdress

* 99 year old Nelly

* George in his pyjamas

* George with balloons

* George as superhero

* Matron

* Matron in a bad mood

* Hospital dinner

* Children dressed as mummies

* Child ballroom dancing with a skeleton

* Amber in a wheelchair

* Turtle with balloons

* Pig with balloons

* Dog with balloons

* Cat with balloons

* Rabbit with balloons

* Rat with balloons


1. Open a message and tap the app button that appears (looks like an A)

2. Tap the button that looks like four circles in the lower left of your screen to open the iMessage apps.

3. Tap the David Walliams’ The Midnight Gang icon to send a sticker

Illustrations © Tony Ross 2016.


In stock

ISBN – 9780008164621
Publisher – HarperCollins Publishers Limit
Format – Paperback
Publication Date – 08/02/2018
Dimensions – 198mm X 129mm
Categories – Junior Fiction

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