The Impossible Boy

Leonie Agnew


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A world in chaos.

A six-year-old lost in the middle of a war.

And a boy no-one can see.

Vincent Gum is determined to protect little Benjamin Grey. But Vincent is invisible. Benjamin’s the only one who can see him, and worse, something sinister is lurking in the dormitory cupboard.

Enter into a world beyond your imagination, where invisible boys battle closet monsters, streetwise orphans steal to survive, and dead trees flower.

Anything is possible.


Out of stock

ISBN – 9780143309062
Publisher – Penguin Group New Zealand, Lim
Format – Paperback
Publication Date – 29/08/2016
Dimensions – 200mm X 130mm
Categories – Junior Fiction

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Leonie Agnew
Conrad Cooper's Last Stand

ConradCooper has justdecided that Tane, the god of the forest, is the perfect guy to solve his problems. Leonie Agnew’s Conrad Cooper’s Last Stand is a surprising, brave and award-winning novel for young readers.

Winner of the Esther Glen Medal for Junior Fiction 2015
Storylines NotableBook Award 2015

‘Conrad Cooper is the most lovable fictional character I have come across since Frankie Parsons in The 10pm Question . . . Agnew is an astounding writer . . . Everybody should read this, no matter what age.’ Sarah Forster, We Love Books
‘Agnew keeps the balance just right with humour and heart.’ North & South
‘The story has integrity . . .Agnew’s characterisation, relationships and dialogue are spot-on, and very funny’. Judges’ report, LIANZA Children and Young Adult Book Awards

Dear Tane, I’ve never prayed to a god, so hope this is okay. If I get it wrong, don’t strike me down with a thunderbolt or anything – I’m just a kid.
ConradCooper needs a favour. He’s just found out about Tane, the god of the forest, and he’s decided that Tane is the perfect guy to solve his family problems. After all, the more high-profile gods probably have huge waiting lists, right? In return, Conrad will do anything to repay Tane, no matter how much trouble it causes. But will a Maori god listen to the prayers of aten-year-old Pakeha boy? And, worse still, does Tane even exist?
Set in 1978 against the Bastion Point occupation,Conrad Cooper’s Last Standis junior fiction full of humour but with a powerful core. Award-winning author Leonie Agnew has created a surprising, brave and completely engaging novel for young readers.



The Memory Thief

A magical, spine-tingling novel about a girl who wants to escape her memories and a troll who is desperately trying to remember his, from the award-winning author of Conrad Cooper’s Last Stand and The Impossible Boy

A lonely troll and a fierce, spiky girl form an unlikely alliance in Leonie Agnew’s extraordinary novel for children aged 9 years and up.

Seth has been trapped behind the iron bars of the public gardens for as long as he can remember. By day he’s frozen as a statue of a shepherd boy, but as soon as the sun sets he roams the park, ravenously hungry. He is a troll, and the food he seeks is human memories.

Then he meets Stella. There’s something so different about her – Seth doesn’t want her memories. He simply wants to talk to her. But there’s someone else in the garden who sees Stella as a threat…and a meal.

Captivating, spine-tingling and surprising, this is a novel that holds you spellbound. What is Stella trying to forget? What are the memories that Seth is piecing together? And will he ever escape the lonely garden and start truly living?