Kengo Kuma – Furniture That Blends into the Surroundings

Kengo Kuma
Ryutaro Yoshida


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In contrast to the Western world, furniture does not have much of a presence within traditional Japanese architecture. Kengo Kuma believes that this unique stance towards furniture is not due solely to the practice of sitting on tatami matting on the floor, but rather also stems from the transparent nature of this architecture. Bringing large furniture with a strong presence into transparent spaces such as these would ruin the carefully crafted aesthetic. Over the centuries, Japanese designers have sought sophisticated designs that minimise scale and create delicate pieces. In this book, Kuma explores how to design modern furniture as an extension of these innovations.

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Kengo Kuma; Time & Style


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Kengo Kuma
Kengo Kuma: Complete Works Expanded Edition

The comprehensive monograph–now expanded–on one of Japan’s most important living architects

Since establishing his practice in 1990, Kengo Kuma has brought contemporary vigor to Japan’s already rich modern architectural heritage and developed projects far beyond his native country. Influenced by a period at Columbia University in New York and by the lessons of his mentor, Hiroshi Hara, Kuma has forged his own pared-back language: responsive to local nature and traditional construction, entirely contemporary in its execution, yet rooted in a Japanese sensibility.

The experience of his buildings is hypnotic and highly sensory. Much of this powerful effect is achieved by Kuma’s deft, sometimes dramatic, use of materials. Projects in the past five years alone include two museums in France, landscape projects in Italy, hotels and large- scale retail and commercial projects in China, and numerous projects in Japan, including a kindergarten.

Published to coincide with the opening of Kuma’s new Victoria & Albert Museum in Dundee, Scotland, with the architect’s direct involvement, this volume, expanded to include five new projects, offers unparalleled insight into the mind of one of the great architects of the twenty-first century.



Kengo Kuma My Life As an Architect in 25 Buildings

Tokyo is Japan’s cultural and commercial epicenter, bursting with vibrancy and life. Its buildings, both historical and contemporary, are a direct reflection of its history and its people.

Kengo Kuma was only ten years old when he found himself so inspired by Tokyo’s cityscape that he decided to become an architect. Here he tells the story of his career through twenty-five inspirational buildings in the city. Kuma’s passion is evident on every page, as well as his curiosity about construction methods and his wealth of knowledge about buildings around the world, making this a unique commentary on Tokyo’s dynamic architecture.

Kengo Kuma: My Life as an Architect is an intimate and truly inspiring book, revealing the beauty that exists in the world’s everyday spaces.