Italian Life A Modern Fable of Loyalty and Betrayal

Tim Parks


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How does Italy actually work? The bestselling writer on Italian culture sets out to answer this question — and the results are often surprising

‘Parks…offers detailed cultural observation, witty yet eagle-eyed, of what makes Italians so Italian’ The Times

How does Italy really work?

When Valeria travels from hot, dusty Basilicata to begin her studies in a northern university town, she has little idea of the kind of education she will find there. Italian Life is her story, and that of the students and professors around her- a story of power and corruption, influence and exclusion, and the workings of a society where your connections are everything.

Written with flair and insight, Italian Life joins Tim Parks’ bestselling books about his beloved and paradoxical adopted country. It is a gripping, entertaining, behind-the-scenes account of how Italy actually happens, and the ways it can surprise those who know it inside out.

‘A satisfyingly truthful, entertaining and provocative comedy’ Daily Telegraph


In stock

ISBN – 9781529112580
Publisher – Penguin Random House
Format – Paperback
Dimensions – 198mm X 130mm
Categories – Travel

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