Stanislaw Lem


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\”A stunningly inventive fantasy about cosmic travel\” from the Kafka Prize-winning author of Solaris (The& New York Times).

The Hermes explorer ship represents the epitome of Earth’s excellence: a peaceful mission sent forth to make first contact with an alien civilization, and to use the expansive space technology developed by humanity to seek new worlds, friendships, and alliances. But what its crew discovers on the planet Quinta is nothing like they had hoped. Locked in a seemingly endless cold war among themselves, the Quintans are uncommunicative and violent, refusing any discourse–except for the firing of deadly weapons.


The crew of the Hermes is determined to accomplish what they had set out to do. But the cost of learning the secrets hidden on the silent surface of Quinta may be grave.


Stark, startling, and insightful, Fiasco has been praised by Publishers Weekly as \”one of Lem’s best novels.\” It is classic, thought-provoking hard science fiction, as prescient today as when it was first written.


In stock

ISBN – 9780241334355
Publisher – Penguin Books, Limited
Format – Paperback
Publication Date – 16/07/2018
Dimensions – 196mm X 129mm
Categories – Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Stanislaw Lem
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Mortal Engines is a selection of the best of Stanislaw Lem’s extraordinary miniature space epics, chosen by his heroic translator Michael Kandel, who has somehow battled through Lem’s jokes, parodies, fabricated technological terms and unreliable robots and brilliantly converted them from Polish into English. Encompassing his Fables for Robots and stories from his protagonists Ijon Tichy (from The Star Diaries) and Pirx the Pilot, this is a highly entertaining but also deeply alarming view of the glories and absurdities of Outer Space.

‘A virtuoso storyteller … a Jorge Luis Borges for the Space AgeThe New York Times

‘He was a robot-hypochondriac. On his squeaking cart he carried a complete set of spare parts.’
A freighter pilot leads a manhunt across the Moon for a robot gone berserk; a shapeshifting assassin falls in love with the man she’s programmed to kill; a paranoid King converts his kingdom into his artificial mind, but his dreams rebel. These stories range from surreal fables that satirically turn the fairy tale on its head, to longer works including the man vs. robot thriller, ‘The Hunt’, and possibly fiction’s strangest love story, ‘The Mask’. InMortal Engines Stanislaw Lem lays bare humanity’s clash with machines, masterfully exploring science fiction’s furthest frontiers.