F*ck You Haiku Little Breakup Poems to Help You Vent, Heal, and Move On

Kristina Grish


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Get through any relationship split with this collection of relatable, impassioned, and irreverent breakup haikus.

When her marriage came to a sudden and infuriating end, noted relationship columnist Kristina Grish turned to writing impassioned breakup haikus as a creative way of processing all the messy and intense feelings she was experiencing.

Now, in F*ck You Haiku, Kristina has compiled more than 100 breakup haikus–inspired by her past breakups as well as universal experiences–to help anyone going through a split deal with their heartbreak via poetry.

Representing a range of emotions and clever ways to vent about your ex, these haikus are entertaining and enraging, as well as enlightening and empowering. So if you’re currently going through a breakup–whether you did the deed or are on the receiving end of it–let this collection of inventive poems help you say \”f*ck you\” to that special someone and eventually \”love you\” to yourself.


In stock

ISBN – 9781982157975
Publisher – Simon & Schuster
Format – Hardback
Publication Date – 26/01/2021
Dimensions – 178mm X 127mm
Categories – Poetry

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