Disobey! A Philosophy of Resistance

Frédéric Gros
David Fernbach (Translator)


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Exploring the philosophy of disobedience

The world is out of joint, so much so that disobeying should be an urgent question for everyone. In this provocative essay, Fr d ric Gros explores the roots of political obedience. Social conformity, economic subjection, respect for authorities, constitutional consensus? Examining the various styles of obedience provides tools to study, invent and induce new forms of civic disobedience and lyrical protest. Nothing can be taken for granted: neither supposed certainties nor social conventions, economic injustice or moral conviction.

Thinking philosophically requires us never to accept truths and generalities that seem obvious. It restores a sense of political responsibility. At a time when the decisions of experts are presented as the result of icy statistics and anonymous calculations, disobeying becomes an assertion of humanity.

To philosophize is to disobey. This book is a call for critical democracy and ethical resistance.


In stock

ISBN – 9781788736329
Publisher – Verso Books
Format – Paperback
Dimensions – 198mm X 129mm
Categories – Politics

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