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Chuck Palahniuk


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Renowned, bestselling novelist Chuck Palahniuk takes us behind the scenes of the writing life, with postcards from decades on the road and incredible examination of the power of fiction and the art of storytelling.

In this spellbinding blend of memoir and insight, bestselling author Chuck Palahniuk shares stories and generous advice on what makes writing powerful and what makes for powerful writing.

With advice grounded in years of careful study and a keenly observed life, Palahniuk combines practical advice and concrete examples from beloved classics, his own books, and a \”kitchen-table MFA\” culled from an evolving circle of beloved authors and artists, with anecdotes, postcards from the road, and much more.

Clear-eyed, sensitive, illuminating, and knowledgeable, Consider This is Palahniuk’s love letter to stories and storytellers, booksellers and books themselves. Consider it a classic in the making.


In stock

ISBN – 9781472155535
Publisher – Little, Brown Book Group Limit
Format – Paperback
Publication Date – 14/01/2021
Dimensions – 198mm X 132mm
Categories – Biography

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Chuck Palahniuk
Fight Club

This limited edition hardcover in slipcase features 50 pages of bonus content and new cover art by David Mack.

Some imaginary friends never go away . . .

Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, he lives a mundane life. A kid, a wife. Pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won’t last long, the wife has seen to that. He’s back where he started, but this go-round he’s got more at stake than his own life.The time has arrived . . .

Rize or Die.

New York Tomes bestselling novelist Chuck Palahniuk and acclaimed artist Cameron Stewart have collaborated for one of the most highly anticipated comic book and literary events of 2015–the return of Tyler Durden. The first rule of Fight Club 2 might be not to talk about it, but Fight Club 2 is generating international headlines and will introduce a new generation of readers to Project Mayhem.

Praise for the comics that comprise Fight Club 2-

\”At turns deeply poignant and very funny, Palahniuk’s freakish fables capture a twisted zeitgeist and add an oddly inspirational and subversive voice to the contemporary canon…. In the post-9/11 present, a hyperactive, Internet-obsessed, war- and recession-weary America apparently needs Tyler again.\”-THE ATLANTIC

\”The book is fantastic, my highest recommendation…. Excellent work by Cameron Stewart and David Mack, and by our awesome friends at Dark Horse Comics.\”-Brian Michael Bendis

\”If Tyler Durden needed a resurgence, there’s no time like the present for his return… Fight Club 2 is a comic that taps back into everything great about the source material, and one that makes Tyler Durden’s warm nihilistic embrace a welcome draw back into a familiar world of cynicism, violence, and anarchy….\”Tyler Lives,\” and I couldn’t be happier by the prospect of more bedlam.\”-NEWSARAMA

\”Palahniuk is delivering a worthy sequel to his most beloved story.\”-THE NERDIST

\”Entertaining.\”-COMIC BOOK RESOURCES

\”Excellent.\”-THE BEAT

\”An amazing piece of work. You do not want to miss out on this.\”-COMICVINE

\”Perfect.\”-FORCES OF GEEK

\”We have a worthy sequel on our hands…. A must read.\”-COMICOSITY

\”Cameron Stewart truly outdoes himself on every level in this book.\”-BLOODY DISGUSTING

\”Clever and beautiful.\”-COMICS ALLIANCE