A Job to Love A Practical Guide to Finding Fulfilling Work by Better Understanding Yourself

The School of Life
Alain De Botton (Series Edited


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A practical guide to finding fulfilling work by better understanding yourself.
The idea that work might be fulfilling rather than just painfully necessary is a strikingly recent invention. Nowadays, in prosperous areas of the world, we don’t only expect to obtain money through labor, we also, to a greater or lesser extent, expect to find meaning and satisfaction. It’s a big ask and explains why career crises are so common.
Unfortunately, it is devilishly hard to understand oneself well enough to know quite where one’s energies should be directed. A Job To Love is designed to help us better understand ourselves in order to locate a job that is right for us. It explores the many myths, traps and confusions that get in our way, and shows how to develop new, effective attitudes and habits.
With compassion and a deeply practical spirit, this book guides us to discover our true talents and to make sense of our confused desires and aspirations before it is too late.


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ISBN – 9780993538759
Publisher – Affirm Press
Format – Hardback
Dimensions – 190mm X 127mm
Categories – Brains and Well-Being

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What Do I Really Want To Achieve?
What Do I Really Want To Achieve?

This is a tool for helping us focus on what we need to be fulfilled so that we can direct our energies and thoughts most effectively. 

It can be hard to decide what we really want to achieve in our lives; our ambitions are often scattered, diverse and difficult to pin down.




52 exercises to increase effectiveness, decisiveness and objective thinking.

Good work involves feeling engaged and motivated by what we’re doing – and battling inertia and weariness with courage and imagination. Fortunately, motivation is not a gift from the gods; it is a quality we can nurture in ourselves and encourage in others.

Motivation is a tool for increasing our effectiveness; 52 exercises designed to train our brains to find their bearings and generate their very best efforts. Our minds are not machines, and are prone to distractions, indecision and cognitive biases – but these can also be worked around and overcome. Each exercise prompts us to engage in activities and thought experiments that help us to surmount mental blocks and formulate strategies for solving problems and achieving our goals. At once a collection of psychological solutions and calls to action, this is an invaluable resource for unlocking our true potential.


1. Select an exercise from one of three categories: Effectiveness, Decisiveness and Objectivity.
2. Follow the instructions and complete the exercise, either alone or as part of a group.
3. Reconsider your work with new purpose in the light of what has been learnt.

52 Cards | 15.5cm x 11.5cm x 3.5cm