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Our Story

It all kicked off with a global pandemic. Our well laid plans for the year ahead were in tatters and, in-between lockdowns, we met up for a drink. We took in our changed landscape and said to each other, “why not open a store?” 


Retail is in our blood. It’s in the blood of our mothers and grandmothers. It’s in the hot summers of holiday work, the Christmases of folding wrapping paper and the after-school hours spent waiting for a lift home. Of course, we went off and did other things but retail had a way of pulling us back. The books, well, we never left them. 


We love that Lamplight Books has come alive as a neighbourhood store. It’s an independent store – a thoughtful store – filled with gorgeous books, from celebrating Te Ao Māori, to the classics and the contemporary. Like our neighbourhood, we’ve got a special focus on Art, Design and Architecture. 


Ink, paper, illustrations – what else is there, when the world looks set to darken? 


An intellectual gadfly, Melanie has the uncanny knack of reading what’s next in the zeitgeist and helping others get in the groove. She holds a Master of Creative Writing from the University of Auckland and earned her stripes with five years on the front line with Unity Books. Any day spent around good people and books is Melanie’s idea of bliss. 



Courtney’s quiet yet unexpected book recommendations are simply lethal. Ask her anything. If she doesn’t know it, she’ll damn well find out. She worked her way from front counter to buyer at Unity Books Wellington and then a manager at Unity Auckland. Aside from setting up a great new book store, by day she works for a major publishing house. Thankfully she’s not an ultra-runner. We couldn’t stand it!